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Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Or: How to Rediscover a Classic without Even Playing It

Sometimes, you need to see the cheap knockoff to appreciate the original.

I picked up Magrunner: Dark Pulse quite by accident. I liked the picture of the main protagonist on the promo images. The problem is of course that the game is played in first person perspective so you never see the protagonist in the first place. Pity really.

In Magrunner, you have a gun. You can fire at things (mostly cubes) and charge them magnetically. They will then attract or repel each other. Use these contraptions to solve puzzles. Does it sound familiar? Of course it does. It is a Portal clone. And, as I can say after playing three quarters of the game, not the very best. You can watch me play the game here. Or read my review of it. Warning: slight spoilers ahead.


Review: Unity 2D Game Development by Dave Calabrese

[Disclaimer: I have been asked by Packt Publishing to review this book. I received a free e-book copy of the book as compensation.]

Unity 3D has always, despite its name, been used for 2D game development. Unity Technologies have realised that and have recently released an update to their game engine with better support for 2D game development. Obviously, it couldn’t take long until the first books on the topic were released.


The Cold Equations

I regularly listen to short stories on podcasts, among them also The Drabblecast, which recently had a somewhat longer story: The Cold Equations.

Normally, these stories don’t elicit a very strong reaction from me, but this time, it did. (From now on: spoiler warning, in case you want to listen to the story first. Do it, it’s worth it.)


Some Stacks Short

Oh, Stacking. If only I could love you more. You seemed so promising, but yet …

Okay, granted. I only played the demo, available on Xbox Live Arcade. Maybe that was not enough. Maybe I should play further, so I you could reveal more of your depth. But – do you possess it?


Playstation Move

Jetzt ist es schon wieder eine Woche her seid die Gladiatoren in Zürich zusammengekommen und gegeneinander angetreten sind. Der Wettbewerb ist nun beinahe zu Ende.

Unsere Gladiatorin Nina hat sich wacker geschlagen und ein tolles Video abgeliefert in welchem sie ihre Fähigkeiten zeigt. Egal wie das Ergebnis morgen aussehen wird möchten wir uns jetzt schon für ihren Einsatz bedanken und dafür das sie am letzten Montag den Weg zu coUNDco auf sich genommen hat! Es hat Spass gemacht den Abend mit dir vor SingStar zu verbringen… ;)